JKBOSE Class 9th Economics, Disaster Management & Road Safety Education Notes | Study Materials

JKBOSE Class 9th Economics Disaster Management & Road Safety Education Notes

JKBOSE Class 9th Economics Disaster Management & Road Safety Education Notes PDF Download. If you are the students of Jammu and Kashmir and are looking for important questions and Notes of Economics Disaster Management & Road Safety Education Subject then you are at right place. Get JKBOSE important Study Materials Notes of all the subjects for Class 9th in this site but in this article we will provide you Economics Disaster Management & Road Safety Education Notes for Class 9th. So keep visiting and get the free and best notes.

Economics  Disaster Management & Road Safety Education

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Money and Banking
Understanding the Indian Economy     
3Natural Disasters
Man-Made Disasters 
Road Safety Education

Learning Objectives of Economics Disaster and Road Safety Management

Money and Banking: In this we have to gain knowledge to understand the importance of money and banking, with an understanding of notes, coins, financial institutions, lending systems, interest and financial inclusion.
Understanding the Indian Economy: In this we have to get information about the structure, causes, development and problems of the Indian economy, such as the effects of rural and urban economy, commerce, investment, commercial policy and government policy.
Natural disasters: In this we have to get information about the type, cause, impact and management of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, landslides and the effects of decadence.
Man-Made disasters: In this we have to get information about various types of man-made disasters, such as fire, genocide, submergence, air strikes and natural disasters, as well as organizations, The importance of strategy and security has to be noted.
Road Safety Education: In this we have to get information to understand the importance of road safety, including road use, road accidents, safe drivers and pedestrians, safety through communication, And the legal side of road safety has to be looked.

Important Questions JKBOSE Class 9th Economics Disaster and Road Safety Management

What does the central bank roll in managing the countrys money supply?

The Central Bank is an economic institution that manages the countrys currency policy and controls the money supply. Its main role is to preserve and stabilize the countrys money supply so that economic activity remains balanced. The Central Bank regulates interest rates and currency prices by managing cash and cash demand and supply. It makes policies that change according to the financial situation and determines the highest currency policy to ensure economic progress.

How does inflation affect the value of the currency and the overall economy?

Inflation is caused by the demand for currency in marketing and the supply results not being stable. When inflation occurs, the price of the currency changes and its impact on the economy. When the price of currency rises, the material price of exports rises and the material price of imports decreases। This affects trade and exports. Rising inflation makes imports cheaper and exports more expensive. It creates instability in the financial situation by affecting economic activity.

What are the main functions of commercial banks in the economy?

The main function of commercial banks is to provide funds and financial services. These banks provide customers with facilities for bank account opening, loan granting, deposit and lending, bank travel checks, debit cards, credit cards, etc. They provide financial resources to traders and industries, supplying them with the necessary funds to run and operate the business. With the help of these banks, people get help in money determination, fund raising, and financial planning.

How do banks make currency through the trading banking process?

Banks make cash through the trading banking process that creates currency. This process is carried out through Fractional Reserve Banking. In this process, when a loan is made to a customer, cash is deposited in his account, but the entire amount is not with the bank. The bank deposits a specified amount of money in the bank account of its account holders, and lends the rest. In this process, the bank reserves to strike a balance between cash demand and supply, which varies depending on the number of borrowings and deposits.

What is the importance of currency policy in stabilizing inflation?

Currency policy is an important economic policy that helps to keep the economy stable. This policy is set to handle inflation, control the value of currency, and keep economic activities balanced. The policy allows manufacturers to take their actions to balance the supply and demand of money to ensure economic progress. These policies use interest rates, changes in usage savings, economic policies, and controls for currency operations. Its objective is to ensure the stability of currency and economic entrepreneurship.

How does the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulate the banking sector in India?

Reserve Bank of India ( RBI ) administers and controls the Indian banking sector. It inspects the state of the Indian economy, regulates currency policies, performs regulatory functions to banks and provides banking facilities. The main function of the Reserve Bank is to control banking related functions through the operating system of loans and cash. It regularly evaluates banks, investigates crimes, and instructs banks to ensure safety and stability.

Explain the elements of natural disasters and summarize their effects?

Natural disasters are events that arise due to natural outbreaks and harm humans, creatures and the environment. These disasters can be in the form of floods, earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, volcanoes, deluge, landslides, landslides, droughts, etc. Their effects are various, such as loss of life, global change, environmental loss, economic loss, social impact, and mental effects.. 

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